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Action Meals is your provider of Self-heating meals – in minutes, whenever you need them.  Our exclusive, patented heater technology allows you to enjoy a warm mre-style meal in minutes, and requires only an ounce of water!  You can choose from more than seven, healthy Action Meals – the perfect meal, for your day pack.

Visit our products page for a full list of this months civilian MRE choices. You can purchase self-heating meals ready to eat  (MREs) from Action Meals, along with our patented heaters — the perfect meal, for your day pack.

We are the provider of  choice for military, emergency workforce crews and outdoor enthusiasts – who need warm meals, quickly with out the need of matches, open flames or electricity.  Action Meals provides healthy, nutritious self-heating meals – shipped directly to you, wherever you may be.  Please call us to order!

Action Meals are perfect for emergency preparation kits, military on exercise or training, boaters, canoeists, and hikers!


Hot Meals in Minutes!