Adventure Racing Championship – Sweden – 2006

“In 2006, we qualified for the Adventure Racing Championship in Sweden. This race was going to be 800 km long and unsupported. This means we had no support crew help us along the way with food. It was going to be brutal!

In order to do the race, we needed to have food at every transition area (transition is when you change from one sport to another) but we needed something good to eat, easy to prepare and nutritively sound! Freeze dried food is good but it is too long to prepare in a race situation, canned food takes too much space in our gear bins, fresh food is out of question because the races are usually too long and the heat does not alloy for good conservation of food. The Sweden race took us more the 5 days to complete. Finding the best solution was a great challenge to us and we were a little baffled. But, one day, while doing some research, we stumbled upon the “Hot Action Meal” products. We were very enthused by the product! It had multiple flavours, it was real food, the closest to fresh food we could find, and it was easy to prepare. Needless to say, we ordered some cases.

Our favourite one was the ever delicious “Shepherd’s Delight” and the “Breakfast Anytime”. It was a life saver for us on many occasions. For example, during the race, we had gone thought a 250km long Mountain Bike Leg and we were running out of food when we reached the transition area. We all started to heat up a pouch of “Hot Action Meal” and before we knew it, we were eating a hot and delicious meal, the speed at which we were able to fix our food really helped us “jump start” the recovery we needed before starting the next leg of the race… Which was mountaineering trek across a glacier! Out of 34 teams that started the race, only 21 teams managed to finish the race. We ended up in 12th place.

Now! We are planning to do another important race called Untamed New England (, it is going to be 3 day race and it will be a qualifier for the 2010 World AR Championship. Once again, we will be using the self-heating “Action Meals”!

I must say… The “Action Meals” really help us do our best!

Thanks to a great product!”