September 24, 2015

Action Meals

How Does it Work?

Action Meals provides delicious pre-cooked meals that include a flameless ration heater that will heat your food to 83 degrees Celsius in just 12 minutes. Action Meals have been specifically designed to be lightweight, easy to open, and to produce minimal waste. Great for any outdoors enthusiast and emergency preparedness kit!

Featured 2017 Menu Selections:

           >  Spaghetti and Meatballs

           >  Chicken and Vegetable Stew

           >  Beef Macaroni Chinese Style

           >  Cabbage Rolls

Who Uses Action Meals?

Action Meals are the preferred field ration for emergency workers across Canada. The quality and convenience of our hot, nutritious self-heating MRE meals are time saving, and can be stored in vehicles or remote locations without worrying about spoilage. Many police & fire services, SAR teams, RCMP, Canadian Coast Guard, outdoor enthusiasts, and businesses have discovered the benefits that Action Meals offers in the field. The following are a list of examples where Action Meals have been used over the years.

 Action Meals Self-Heating MRE Meals have been tested and evaluated by the Contract Policing Branch of the RCMP and were subsequently recommended for use in the field for RCMP officers and volunteers. When BC towns were evacuated due to flooding and fire in 2011 and 2012 the RCMP used Action Meal to feed citizens and police.

Canadian Coast Guard:
 Action Meals Self-Heating Meals have been used by the CCG in a number of situations including the Ice Storm of 1998 in Eastern Canada and during the Peggy’s Cove Swissair disaster.

Utility Crews: Action Meals Self-Heating Meals were used by Hydro, Bell, and emergency responders during the Canadian Ice Storm of 1998. Rescue Crews: Action Meals Self-Heating Meals were used by rescue crews during the Iranian Earthquake relief in late 2003.

Business Continuity Plans. Major corporations like Standard and Poors buy our self heating Action Meals so that their personnel in office blocks can continue to work during a power outage; Action Meals are perfect for business continuity planning!

Some of our satisfied users include: over 65 Fire Departments, The Ontario Provincial Police, Canadian Coast Guard, a number of RCMP detachments, SAR Groups, Natural Resource Ministries (forest fire divisions), individual police forces, and Parks Canada Wardens.