Iran Earthquake – January 13, 2004

“I just thought you would like to hear about a recent successful use of your product. Late last year we purchased a large quantity (I think 10 or 12 cases) for Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service’s overseas rescue team. Some were used during training with many of the other national teams during a course we organised in Hampshire.

However the true test was the recent earthquake in Iran when we were mobilised as part of the UK search and rescue response. As our sole food supply we took hotpacks sufficient for each team member to have three meals a day for seven days. We ended up feeding other people such as local interpreters, lorry drivers, other teams who had not yet set up their cooking facilities and even some ill prepared members of the press. We spent a lot of time travelling especially when stuck in a 12 hour traffic jam trying to get into the town. With hotpacks we were able to feed the bus while still struggling through the traffic. We left after 5 days and the remaining hotpacks were donated to a Save the Children representative who was just establishing a camp for incoming aid for the local population. The Kent Fire Brigade team also used them successfully.

The quality and variety of the meals was excellent and the side benefits of the heating element were utilised by team members stuffing them inside their jackets during the colder periods. We didn’t bother taking emergency rations or cooking facilities so our mobilisation was quicker and our load lighter. Overall ActionMealswere absolutely ideal for our purpose and will remain the cornerstone of our feeding arrangements for team deployments.

Look forward to hearing from you.”

– Peter Crook

Divisional Officer (Civil Protection)
Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service
UKFSSART Team Co-ordinator